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MSR Lay-Over Bike Stand


How many times have you tried to access the oil drain plug, clean the skid plate or change a fried clutch and couldn't do it on a conventional stand? The ingenious Lay-Over stand from Malcolm Smith Racing was invented for those times you need an extra hand to get at those hard to reach places.  

First open each of the tri-pod legs so it's ready to stabilize the dirt bike.  Next, hold the portion that nestles the grip with your hand.  As you lower the bike and stand to the ground, it's guaranteed to always be in the perfect location.  Now you are ready to tackle whatever dirty task at hand.  

For KTM and Husqvarna four-stroke owners, you know when changing your oil filter that it's necessary to put the bike on its side in order to fill the cavity with oil.  That task gets a lot easier with the Lay-Over Stand.  Your price and joy deserves something better than being laid on the garage floor with towels or delicately balanced on your standard bike stand.  Do it better, do it easier and do it right.  

  • Constructed from lightweight aluminum and stainless steel
  • Adjusts from 13" to 19" with 7 height adjustments
  • Cradles the grip to eliminate damaging valuable components
  • Great for washing under the bike, changing the clutch, skid plate installs

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